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The geospatial data, products, apps and models you need. On-demand and in one place.

GeoMarketspace is a groundbreaking solution that simplifies the way you connect to the geospatial community. The innovative cloud-based platform brings solution and app developers, data and content providers, and end users together, breaking down the barriers that have existed for so many years.

Affordable custom solution development

GeoMarketspace gives developers affordable access to high quality content and cloud storage to create, test and refine new products. The web-based tools and environment makes it easier to increase output of tailored, high-value solutions.

Expanding distribution to new users

These products can reach new sets of users and industry experts, who want better insight based on geospatial data. It’s a fresh approach to connecting GIS experts with professionals in other industries.

GIS solutions for hard problems

The unique applications and solutions created by our network of developers are available through a user-friendly product catalog to browse, learn, and apply. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask. We’ll find it.

Visualizing your information

Our web-based GeoViewer blends multiple layers of data, products, and other content to help users discover new relationships among disparate data.

Easy, powerful clip & ship with metadata

Clip and ship functionality allows users to select and export only what they need in a variety of formats and with valuable associated metadata.

developer resources


Developing apps and models for use within the IDEAS Application Ecosystem can be as easy as uploading your existing app for certification. For developers looking to build new or modify existing solutions to leverage the unique capabilities of our ecosystem, we offer a wide variety of options. Our mobile Platform as a Service allows you to take advantage of managed virtualized systems running cloud ready application and services software.

AT&T Mobility Services

IBM Bluemix

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Azure Marketplace

Our Open Cloud has support for a diverse set of modern application frameworks including node.js, NoSQL DB, Ruby, Python, and many more. Bring your own server containers based on the Docker standard or utilize the managed services, runtimes, and containers we support.

You've built the dream, submit it, share it!

Let's get ready to model-l-l-l

Access and discover unmet user needs

mobile app support

Vencore mobile app support can provide the resources and support you need to design, build, test, deploy, and operate mobile applications.


  • Unmet needs database supports targeted app development
  • Collaboration area for interaction between developers and app stakeholders

model as a service api and sdk

The Model as a Service API enables model based application to be deployed in our cloud environment enabling high performance computing and high speed access to data stores. Models can utilize a variety of libraries and frameworks (such as: list here)

An interactive wizard to guide users through model execution can be easily created using existing templates or custom approach

See our developer docs page for more information

View the IDEAS model integreation SDK here


University Partnership

University partnerships help us bring the latest models for GeoPhysical analysis into the system. 

We are partnering with USGIF for their next Model Challenge. Partner Universities will gain access to our Model as  Service infrastructure and receive assisted service integrating their model into the platform as a GeoMarketspace Web App.


Vendor Partnership

Vendor partnerships are important to growth and development of the IDEAS platform. Our vendor network today contains over 300 companies providing apps, data, and models. We encourage interested vendors of apps, data, and models related to First Responders, Geospatial and Geophysical modelling, GEOINT, and other relevant areas to contact us today. Partnership can help connect your products with paying customers

Unmet Needs

IDEAS is designed to rapidly provide solutions to unmet needs by connecting developers to users directly, allowing fast translation of needs to products for global consumption. We welcome any First Responders to share their ideas. Please click on the link above to submit your unmet needs.



Vencore and IBM, with support from the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) and United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) are co-sponsoring an Application Challenge for the first responder community. Solution providers from academia and industry will work directly with first responders to define unmet needs and develop solutions using predictive analytics and real time data feeds from multiple sources (including land, sea, air and space) using the latest solution development and delivery technology available in the market.

Vencore is actively soliciting needs from the first responder community for solutions that can significantly improve your operational mission. First responders should focus on “out of the box” ideas that are not constrained by cost, communication issues or any other current problems executing missions in the field. Please visit our Challenge description page for more information and registration to participate.

The current challenge has concluded. View the challenge page to see the submissions and winners.

Learn More About the Challenge



Work with developers and industry peers to build new applications that meet product needs.

Discussion Boards

Interact with industry, government and users to discuss products, define needs and identify solutions to hard problems.


Work with developers and industry peers collaboratively creating or extending solutions.


Solutions Made Easy for Everyone

IDEAS makes problem solving easier for the expert or the novice bringing innovation to the world faster than ever.