GeoMarketspace Help and How To

Add layers

Select layers to view on the GeoViewer.


Open menus to view an overview of the map, tools, settings, and layer management.


Clip and ship JPEGs and/or full resolution imagery (depending upon the layer) of active layers on the GeoViewer.


Access help, including guides and request forms to support use of the GeoMarketSpace.


Click on a specific point within an active layer to identify more detailed information for the selected point.


View a legend to understand the details of active layers.

Load Map

Load a previously saved instance of the GeoViewer.

Manage layers

Access tools to manage layers currectly active on the GeoViewer.


Measure areas and distances on the GeoViewer.

Save Map

Save the current state of your GeoViewer for future access.


Manage settings of the GeoViewer, including auto zoom to selected layers, adding a grid, and adding map information, including latitude and longitude.

Show Layer Info

View the metadata associated with a data layer.


Access tools to interact with the GeoViewer, including accessing legends, identifying layers, and measuring distances.


Select an area to zoom into on the map.

Add layers

Select layers to view on the GeoViewer.